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So we’ve all heard the news by now that Sam Raimi is going to be directing the Warcraft-based movie. In case you haven’t check out the Blizzard press release. Obviously we know its going to be about Warcraft but what is the storyline going to actually be? No one who knows is currently telling but I’m interested enough to take a few moments to post what I would and would not like to see from the movie.


Obviously the movie is going to have to be able to stand on it’s own to really do well in the box office, So you can generally go ahead and face that it’s not going to be picking up anywhere that would require tons of prior knowledge. Though Blizzard will undoubtedly be involved and I’m sure they’ll stick in some things just for us players and the lore buffs. I’m no master of lore but I’ll give you my hopes, dreams, and nightmares after the cut.



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