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3.2 Goes Live!

Ha Ha to all the naysayers in trade channel. I told them the ptr was on the decline and that it was highly likely for today or tomarrow but would they listen……well….no, no they wouldn’t. Eherm, anyway, Ha Ha to them. Woke up this morning fired up the old world of warcraft launcher to see if there was a patch and wham bam there it was patch 3.2.


You can read all of the patch notes as they appear currently in the Blizzard updater, after the cut.



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So I was cruising around wow.com earlier and came across there post about the group of players runnin a WoWathon for the charity Child’s Play. After jumping over to have a look at the live streaming webcam and watching them as I cruised around there site reading up on what inspired it and what not, I had to post about it.  At the time of this posting they have raised $3,117  and were running ZF.


If you’d like to look them up in game they are on  Bronzebeard PVE playing as Alliance Draenei Shaman and Mage.
There character names are Childs the Shaman and Playe the Mage, under the guild tag <WoWathon for Child’s Play> (whisp Childs or Playe for an invite).

Child’s Play is a great charity that collects games and toys for sick kids in hospitals.  It’s like the ultimate gamer charity.

Watching there live stream was highly entertaining. I must have spent atleast a half hour just watching/listening to them play. Check it out for yourself over at WoWathon.com!

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