So I was cruising around wow.com earlier and came across there post about the group of players runnin a WoWathon for the charity Child’s Play. After jumping over to have a look at the live streaming webcam and watching them as I cruised around there site reading up on what inspired it and what not, I had to post about it.  At the time of this posting they have raised $3,117  and were running ZF.


If you’d like to look them up in game they are on  Bronzebeard PVE playing as Alliance Draenei Shaman and Mage.
There character names are Childs the Shaman and Playe the Mage, under the guild tag <WoWathon for Child’s Play> (whisp Childs or Playe for an invite).

Child’s Play is a great charity that collects games and toys for sick kids in hospitals.  It’s like the ultimate gamer charity.

Watching there live stream was highly entertaining. I must have spent atleast a half hour just watching/listening to them play. Check it out for yourself over at WoWathon.com!

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Hello out there.

Hi, my name is Dertt. As you may have already realized I’m a Tauren Druid.  Anyway I want to take a moment with my first post to introduce myself and give a little background info on me as a player.


I first started playing World of Warcraft back in 2005. My first character was a Dwarf Warrior leveled as fury spec and swapped to Prot at endgame. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of the first two guilds I was in. Around lvl 40 my cousin started playing a Paladin and joined the guild <Holy Leigon> of US Rexxar he recruited me into the guild shortly after that and I found my first home in WoW.  Around the time I dinged 70 the leaders of the guild were stepping down and somehow I ended up in charge. I turned the guild from a regular leveling guild into a leveling/casual raiding guild. I stuck with <Holy Leigon> until I quit WoW around early 2007.

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