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So I decided that I love this site and everyone that views it so I’m going self hosted so that I can have access to bigger and better things to improve everyones viewing experience.  I’m going to copy everything over to the new site as it will still be run through wordpress software. So it’ll be like it never happened. I’ll set this up to redirect to the new site if wordpress.com allows it. Either way, I’ll be updating this post with the rest of the information, including a giant link to the new site once it’s complete.



The New site is up and running:


Update your links and your bookmarks and don’t forget to replace your old rss feed with the new one.


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Hittin the Beach


So I’m heading off to the beach from Aug, 15th till the 21st I’ll be taking my laptop so I’ll still be checking my Email and probably send a tweet or two but for the most part dont’ be suprised if there aren’t any posts put up between this time. If anything big goes on I may still take the time for a quick post depending on wether or not I can find a reliable Internet connection.

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Hi, my name is Dertt. As you may have already realized I’m a Tauren Druid.  Anyway I want to take a moment with my first post to introduce myself and give a little background info on me as a player.


I first started playing World of Warcraft back in 2005. My first character was a Dwarf Warrior leveled as fury spec and swapped to Prot at endgame. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of the first two guilds I was in. Around lvl 40 my cousin started playing a Paladin and joined the guild <Holy Leigon> of US Rexxar he recruited me into the guild shortly after that and I found my first home in WoW.  Around the time I dinged 70 the leaders of the guild were stepping down and somehow I ended up in charge. I turned the guild from a regular leveling guild into a leveling/casual raiding guild. I stuck with <Holy Leigon> until I quit WoW around early 2007.

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