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So I decided that I love this site and everyone that views it so I’m going self hosted so that I can have access to bigger and better things to improve everyones viewing experience.  I’m going to copy everything over to the new site as it will still be run through wordpress software. So it’ll be like it never happened. I’ll set this up to redirect to the new site if wordpress.com allows it. Either way, I’ll be updating this post with the rest of the information, including a giant link to the new site once it’s complete.



The New site is up and running:


Update your links and your bookmarks and don’t forget to replace your old rss feed with the new one.


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Hittin the Beach


So I’m heading off to the beach from Aug, 15th till the 21st I’ll be taking my laptop so I’ll still be checking my Email and probably send a tweet or two but for the most part dont’ be suprised if there aren’t any posts put up between this time. If anything big goes on I may still take the time for a quick post depending on wether or not I can find a reliable Internet connection.

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Ok to start this off the following video is most definately NSFW. But Before the video the official announcement.

She has lurked in her lair and done battle with the many brave adventurers who travelled to that familiar location over the years. Now, in honor of the World of Warcraft 5-year anniversary, the dreaded brood mother Onyxia is being revamped to make a return to the forefront of Azeroth, as part of our big plans for the upcoming 3.2.2 content patch.

This permanent update to Onyxia will convert the dungeon into 10- and 25-player modes. We will be adding new items to Onyxia’s loot table that have the same model as some of the classic loot from this dungeon, like Tier 2 helms, with stats updated to match the current level of content. There will be a special new item too: a normal drake-sized 310% speed flying mount modeled after Onyxia herself called Brood of Onyxia. We will also be updating the encounter mechanics to be more fitting for modern raiding, but we can guarantee players will get to experience the frightening horror of deep breaths once again.

Then for a limited time, after the 5-year anniversary event officially begins in November, anybody who logs in will receive an Onyxia Brood Whelpling pet.

We’re very excited to bring this classic encounter back to provide a fun new experience for both new and veteran players. Further details will be available in the near future, and we will be setting up the Public Test Realms soon to help test out this fight along with all the new content we have planned for the patch. Keep an eye on the forums for updates!

That video is classic. Anyway, my rambling thoughts after the break.


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So we’ve all heard the news by now that Sam Raimi is going to be directing the Warcraft-based movie. In case you haven’t check out the Blizzard press release. Obviously we know its going to be about Warcraft but what is the storyline going to actually be? No one who knows is currently telling but I’m interested enough to take a few moments to post what I would and would not like to see from the movie.


Obviously the movie is going to have to be able to stand on it’s own to really do well in the box office, So you can generally go ahead and face that it’s not going to be picking up anywhere that would require tons of prior knowledge. Though Blizzard will undoubtedly be involved and I’m sure they’ll stick in some things just for us players and the lore buffs. I’m no master of lore but I’ll give you my hopes, dreams, and nightmares after the cut.


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Addicted to twitter? Ever been playing WoW and wanted to tweet your achievements or screenshots but just couldn’t be bothered to tab out? Well then I think I have found the answer to you prayers. That answer is TweetCraft, a new addon that allows you to tweet from within World of Warcraft.

TweetCraft also allows you to do a couple of other pretty nift things other than just regular tweeting from the game. Though there are some downsides to the addon unfortunately. We’ll cover whats good and what’s annoying about the addon after the break.


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Well 3.2 was very interesting for me. Obviously we got our new smexy bear and cat forms which make leveling a bit more visually pleasing. Though I’m glad I level kitty and not bear as that big ole bear butt in the air isn’t my favorite part of the changes. Also with the new changes to mounts I went and picked up my epic kodo.


And the most amazing news for my lil sapling is that on a whim I decided to take a detour to Dustwallow Marsh and see if Dartt was around and low and behold there it was and boy is Dartt fast. I actually managed to tag it and picked up one of her Darting Hatchlings. After much very difficult deliberation, my guild mates convinced me to put it on the auction house for 5k Gold. I awoke this morning to one heck of a gift to a level 44 druid. Namely more gold than I can expect to seriously need till I’m 80. So to wrap this up, Thank you 3.2 for all your gifts to us druids and a very big thank you for solving any financial issues I may have had in the future with my lil sapling.

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3.2 Goes Live!

Ha Ha to all the naysayers in trade channel. I told them the ptr was on the decline and that it was highly likely for today or tomarrow but would they listen……well….no, no they wouldn’t. Eherm, anyway, Ha Ha to them. Woke up this morning fired up the old world of warcraft launcher to see if there was a patch and wham bam there it was patch 3.2.


You can read all of the patch notes as they appear currently in the Blizzard updater, after the cut.


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